Attract Young (21-35yo) Big Booty Women MP3s/ATs Package

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Attract Young Big Booty Women

(21-35yo) MP3s/ATs Package
This is made with new version of Bliss Engine Devices and there are mixed techniques of chi suggestions. There are visualization suggestions, amplify/echo suggestions, asking spirit of Venus for sexual energy and sex-encounter energy, finally already known chi suggestions.

Main tracks has been enhanced by these Silent4D Image Mp3s, these are attached as bonus, in case someone would like to try different approach to the topic. These are also only for listening via headphones/speakers, not works as Audio Talismans.

  • 120xAttractYoungWomen.mp3
  • 120xBigBoobsShortTermRelationship.mp3

There are three main MP3s which are at the same time Audio Talismans (so can be with any drive, phone drive, pen-drive, microSD cards; without listening):

  • V1_BigBooty_120xBigBoobs.mp3
  • V2_BigBooty_120xYoungWomen.mp3
  • V3_BigBooty_mix240x.mp3

Each is enhanced with Silent4D Image Mp3s, for more power.

V1 include this energy: 150. Attract friend woman with benefits (120x)

V2 include this energy: 117. Attract Young Women (120x)

V3 include two above energies in one (240x)

Each of these three versions contains these chi suggestions:

  • I attract beautiful big and young booty women
  • I am manifesting big and young booty women
  • [Visualization mode] – I see young big booty women all around me
  • [Visualization mode] – I kiss and hug with young big booty women
  • [Amplify/ Echo mode] [Visualization mode] – I kiss and hug with many young big booty women
  • [Asking Venus Spirit] for sexual energy of lovemaking
  • [Amplify / Echo mode] [Visualization mode] – Young women with big booty touch and kissing me now
  • These three V1, V2, V3, – are files for listening (headphones/speakers) and can be used Audio Talismans.

These Audio Spells (Energies into mp3) are encoded within three versions of main tracks:

King Solomon’s Venus (attract love)
83. Yahweh I need Get Laid Spell
94. Yahweh Sexual Satisfaction & Excitement.
117. Attract Young Women (21-35 years old)
150. Attract friend woman with benefits: attract a beautiful, lovely, passionate woman.

Full description is here:

Please use it wisely and on your own responsibility.