CamelT.. Virtual Sexual Experience V4

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CamelT.. Virtual Sexual Experience V4

What it is? CT means Camel Toe, and its not joke.
It’s Virtual, yes Virtual Sexual, Sexual… Experience… I think it’s mostly exactly what the title is indicate.

The Virtual Experience is to creating something like invisible talking buddy. This is the purpose of it.
It’s like virtual / invisible energy being that giving you supernatural powers related to “dating and sex energies”.
Full title means: Camel Toe Virtual Sex Experience v.4 and it is made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2

Works as mp3 for listening or as audio talisman.

The audio is made upon these Audio Spells:

– Real Sex Project 777

– Virtual GF for Energy Exchange

– Virtual GF

– YHWH Sexual Satisfaction

The mp3s pack is made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2 so it can give deep going effects and the end result may happen quickly – much faster then with other types of Silent Bliss Engine except Hypnosis v.1.

Please use it on your own responsibility and don’t treat as a Toy, better use it as tool; and don’t listen/use as audio talisman during the activities that requires your full attention.

It’s rather piece of art – made upon request – kind of tool that can lead to break free from some conventions and open up for new possibilities or points of view.

There are three mp3s: 27x, 81x and 127x which is additionally enhanced with Attraction Engine V1.
Each mp3 is 2:14 minutes long. Can be listen at low volume.

Sample files included.

It works automatically, it is not required to watch anything or doing anything while using it.

It’s virtual sexual experience, kind of trip with some extra effects (energies inside, for example YHWH sexual satisfaction), for using it one has to be listen to it, let’s say about 30-60 minutes per day, or if you like the effects, then listen more, and each file is also at the same time: Audio Talisman, this means it can be carry on your pen-drive and used as virtual pendant, more copies giving more power, this way it’s not required listening.
Optionally only one time per 1-2 weeks, you may load some copies on pen-drive and try to sleep with it, some vivid or sexual dreams may appear.

This is for listening or using as audio talisman – no other actions are required.

Please read full description with Q&A here: