Dark Psionics Caster

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Dark Psionics Caster
Dark Psionics Wishing Software – For the nefarious in you.

Dark Psionics

If you don’t fancy yourself a white lighter, this software is for you. The Dark Psionics Caster implements modifications to the algorithm of the white UltraPsionics Caster. The energetic symbol library likewise takes a deep dive into the abyss. And here’s the worst part: Dark Psionics is linked to an array of our Inferno Black Orgone Machines. Yes those are DOR generators.

We have built in failsafes to this software becauase we don’t want you to go around attacking people. The software will refuse to directly kill, maim or permanently and energetically destroy people. Rather, the software can work on situations and scenarios… of a dark kind.

So in a nutshell by virtue of its algorithm and the Chaos Magick backing it up:

Dark Psionics will not directly attack people. But it can influence events around people things, animals, events
Dark Psionics will directly influence and attack non-humans. That means your neighbors rabid pitbull
Dark Psionics will directly influence situations and events. Like the ongoing flea market where you were held up.

Read full description here: https://www.xtrememind.com/dark-psionics-caster/