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Handsome Man Creator V4 (Final) 432Hz

upto20,000x and M10x

This is the final version of Handsome Man Creator made in help of Silent Bliss Nature Tree and it's empowered version 1000x. It's has one Audio Spell (Energy) and it's focus on creating most handsome man ever.

There are different versions:

  • Classic up to 20,000x
  • Empowered up to M10x.

Audio Spell: 191. Handsome Man Creator

  • Transform any user of this eXtreme Energy (and any MP3/AT made upon it) into very handsome man
  • Appears as very handsome man any woman (excluding blood relatives)
  • change the physical appearance over the time of using it in the most handsome desirable man on the Planet.
  • Bring out all desired characteristic become the perfect man.
  • Create Aura of infinite and endless handsomeness.
  • Transform and transmute all unwanted habits, behaviors into handsomeness.
  • Boost financial abilities and wealth attraction (not so obvious, for some sad, but it is so real that money are important in todays crazy world, and some of women could reject potential candidate because of material status) - and as well radiate a bit with wealthy aura.

See full description here: https://seductionmagicflow.com...https://seductionmagicflow.com/blog/2021/02/19/handsomemancreatorv4-final-432hz-up-to-20000x-and-m10x/