One XSigil Super Spell

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Creation of One (or more) XSigil/s (3rd generation).

XSigil is an digital image programmed for achieving certain goals. It is made upon order and is personalized. Delivery via email.

After receive, you can print it, laminate (for example with adhesive tape) and start using it (i.e. carry in your pocket).Once your laminated copy with worn-out - you can print next copy and burn-out previous one for example in fireplace.

Each printed next copy divide the power; for example printing three copies, each hold 33% of power; four copies each holds 25% of power; if it's too much powerful, you can using more copies.

XSigils are very powerful and by using them at regular basis you can gain what you want according to it's purpose.

Here is full list of all available (Santeria and Wicca style) Xsigils:

We also creating new type of XSigils, the Ennochian ones (Archangelic) and full list is available here:

(Because of lockdown) Time of creation takes between 12 up to 30 days . Usually earlier, just some titles require more empowerment and may takes a bit long - due to complexity.

If you have questions feel free to contact us at any time.