PE Control Console MP3 and AT

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PE Control Console MP3 and AT

This is for those who experienced negative effects of various different Penile Enlargement subliminals across the Internet created by different creators both given for free or paid. To this time, no one said nothing wrong about SMF's Penile Enlargement, probably because these are made in safe way: do not contains energy of spoken and recorded affirmations goals - which can creating side effects of subliminals created by other people (the bits of information that is attached to voice recording, like emotions, or thoughts-forms, etc.

At SMF; the so called "chi suggestions" are in energetic form and are without any human energy, which can unfortunately happens to subliminals recorded by voice, not in help of energy. "Silent Bliss Engines" which based upon the energy itself and are very safe too. Anyway back to PE Control Console - it is about health and removing unwanted programming of previously listen subliminals related to Penile Enlargement.

Following energies has been used in this product:

Re-programm mind, or remove something from mind
Orgasmic Healing
Anti Chakra Congestion
Ejaculation Mastery
Extraordinary Luck
Cell Regeneration Fast Recovery
Rejuvenation Recovery

And these chi suggestions and GOALS are encoded into each audio track:

My blood pressure is always perfect.
My heart rate is always perfect.
My entire cardiovascular system is in perfect condition.
My entire endocrine system is in perfect condition.
My adrenals are in perfect condition.
My thyroid is healthy and working perfectly.
My entire nervous system is in perfect condition.
My heart is very strong and in perfect health, and because of that, I can achieve rock hard erections when I'm having sexual intercourse with any partner.

Full list of affirmations, you can see here:

These files are within the package:

  • PE Control Console MP3 Stronger Version.mp3 (for listening only)
  • PE Control Console MP3 Light Version.mp3 (for listening only)
  • PE Control Console MP3 Health Affirmations.mp3 (for listening only)
  • PE Control Console MP3 and Audio Talisman.mp3 (for listening and using as Audio Talisman) (this version is considered as “Strong”).

Listening Tips:

Loop the track and listen minimally 2 hours per day for at least 14-30 days. For the full and stable effect (to change your mind permanently) allow 30-90 days. Some people like to listen more to receive results faster – it’s good, however using these tools are regular basis giving the best results.

Please use it wisely and only at your own responsibility / risk. Do not stress out yourself with too much listening and do not de-hydrate. If the MP3 / AT is too strong listen less and use less copies. Ground yourself at regular basis.