PreNatalJing Testosterone WorkoutMotivation SilentBlissEngine MP3AT upto40,000x

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Pre Natal Jing, Testosterone, Workout Motivation up to 40,000x

This one is different in compare to Jing Testostrone Workout motivation because it's made without chi-suggestions and is enhanced up to 40,000x, the energies used to making it remains the same and are as follow:

  • 135. Restore prenatal Jing and Remove psychic/energy vampires, other energetic flukes. This works on internal alchemy to restore prenatal jing. It also restore internal micro-cosmic orbit and disconnect/delete psychic/energy vampires to get them off from our energy. It quite often thing, that some psychic/energy vampires (mostly people) draw energy from us, even we don’t met them in last years, they may remotely suck small amounts of energy, or through the energy ways that they damaged our aura – other people may download/suck our energy. The idea here is to kick them out of our body (consciousness) and mind – to erase any energy leaks, as well finally to help restore prenatal jing without any problems. [The psychic/energy vampires or their energy/suggestions may stuck within the body (consciousness) or within the mind, and their energy may deplete energy of person attacked by them, even after many years, idea it to remove them completely and this way to cut any energy loss, which will guarantee that if person restore own pre-natal jing, there will be not chance to deplete it by invisible energy leaks within the aura and energy body.
  • 138. Increase production of Testosterone in Safe way in perfect harmony with other hormones. Also create an energetic equivalent (energy field of) of Testosterone to make man looks sexually irresistible towards women, and to feel high sex drive and great libido. For some men it could also can be consider as „mood and motivation improvement” since high libido and sex drive are considered as „force” that push men into action. It also slightly improve sexual health.
  • 121.Enjoy Regular Workouts. This is superb motivation for enjoy regular workouts, and to literally beloved exercising, and find the pleasure in exercising, and find the benefits of it, like fixating on exercises and keep the body fit. And that is not about exercising 2x per week. It’s about exercising everyday, at least 30 minutes per day even up to 3 hours – apply to different forms of sport from jogging, thru yoga, nordic walking, to gym, kung fu, tai chi, or martial arts. Feeling incredible sense of goal and fun – and feeling strong urge to exercising at regular basis.