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made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree for gaining ability and develop telepathy (heart to heart) – it however avoid creating mind-to-mind telepathy and use most safe way through heart – so you will be sure that information that you are receiving is 100% pure and not came from your mind/imagination or another sources.

Mind is treacherous, tricky – but heart’s “communicator” can’t be cheated. By developing heart telepathy you can:

easily communicate with your Guardian Angel, your Soul, God, Spirits
talk with anyone you want over any distance; safely
avoid nasty mind voices

These audio spells (energies) are inside each file:

  • Heart to Heart Telepathy I
  • Heart to Heart Telepathy II
  • Heart to Heart Telepathy III
  • Psi Faith
  • Yahweh Psi

These files, versions “x” strength are within the ZIP archive: (see full description: )

Listening tips are the same as with other SMF’s mp3s. Listen chosen file in “loop” to making it works.

Each file is at the same time audio talisman.

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility.

Use it for at least 30 days. Train your telepathy talks before bed in relaxed position. At beginning talk with your Guardian Angel or God, or your own Soul – after you got some confidence talk with any being or Spirit. Ideally if you can keep using it up to 60-90 days for solid and stable results. Once you will learn it – this ability last for life and can be very useful in many different situations.

If you chi-overload (too much energy) – please make a pause and ground yourself.

All files are copyrighted and can be used only by you and your blood-relatives.