Super Alpha Male Creator 432Hz

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Super Alpha Male Creator 432Hz
(Alpha Confidence V2)

made with "Silent Bliss Nature Tree" and enhanced with "Silent Bliss Nature Tree 1000x"

(it include extra strong versions: up to 1,000,000,000x for non-sensitive to energy).

Following 24 energies has been used to creating it:

42. Approach Women and Talk to them easily – Liquid Self Confidence with Women
102. Ultimate Legendary Attention – next level game – with inner deep game
126. Extreme Killer (Spiritual) Confidence with women
39. Being ultra Dominant and Confident. Very strong-will power.
101. Being cocky&funny, humorous, excellently witty, and wise
64. Alcohol Replacement/Simulator for getting it’s positive side effects
4. Extreme Attraction
95. Yahweh Immortality and Anti-aging, activate the DNA code responsible for longevity and body self-repair mechanisms. Being always Young (it would be also related to sexuality, as I guess to have fresh mind, being brilliant, etc etc.
117. Attract Young Women
110. Make women approach me ultra
182. Hair Regrow and cure all root causes of hair loss.
22. Ejaculation Mastery
150. Attract friend woman with benefits
8. Immortality
YHWH Heart Healing and Healthy Blood Pressure
46. No fear with women
120. Goju-Ruy Karate Do Mastery Powers
127. Anti Chakra Congestion
134. Extraordinary Luck
149. Angelic Charm
Cell Regeneration Fast Recovery
137. Killer Shield with AWE
47. Control own emotions, overcome panic, standing strongly on the ground, overcome neediness..
139. Remove the need to „explain myself in front of others

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