Virtual PSIONIS 3000VX (v.6 2020)

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Virtual PSIONIS 3000VX

co-created by SeductionMagicFlow and a Secret Partner

1 minutes simple steps and you got what you want (1 minute takes setting the trend up)
Any wish is possible at your fingertips (according to symbols/sigils/affirmations)
Discover the Power of Light and you will truly start to love your life (yes, access to power can make you happy!)
Enjoy every moment and live like a STAR in the movie of your dreams (yeah, the energy from device will makes all people around so excited about it)
Say it clearly – I am the Winner – so let it be!
Create your own Reality like a Pro Manifestor – effortlessly – just 1 minute and you got it!
Please read FAQ and Description here: :
VirtualPsionis3000VX: Up to 3 Targets and up to 10 Trends. Optionally 1 Environmental Trend.

The power-output is similar to RADImagine and it’s like about 6-8 XSigils at once.

What you will got and what is the required process to got it?


Place your photo (or another target) on Target Box
Put up to 5 Symbols on each of 2 Trend Boxes
and while putting each Symbol say: “It is done”.
THAT’S ALL! Optionally at the end place your index finger on Target picture and say: “This trend is done” or “Amen”.
Go to your things and be prepared for POWER at your SIDE!
Alternatively and recommended: Put one double terminated quartz crystal on top of the Target and Trends (3 crystals at all).
Isn't it easy? It is fully automated! Who knows if this is even more simple then making good espresso!
There is not required any fancy rituals or so, usage is simple and effortless!

Please read full description here: