Virtual RADX

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Virtual RADX

co-created by SeductionMagicFlow and a Secret Partner

1 minute simple steps and you got what you want
Any wish is possible at your fingertips
Discover the Power of Light and you will truly start to love your life
Enjoy every moment and live like a STAR in the movie of your dreams
Say it clearly – I am the Winner – so let it be!
Create your own Reality like a Pro Manifestor – effortlessly – just 1 minute and you got it!
You can print it on your T-Shirt and shine like a Star
The VirtualRADX can be optimized for wealth, attraction or protection or designed to Martial Arts Powers (you have to mention it after purchase)
VIRTUALRADX: 1 TARGET and 5 TRENDS – the power is slightly above the XSigil.

Place your photo (or another target) on Target Box
Put up to 5 Symbols on Trend Box
and while putting each Symbol say: “It is done”.
THAT’S ALL! Optionally at the end place your index finger on Target picture and say: “This trend is done” or “Amen”.
Go to your things and be prepared for POWER at your SIDE!
Alternatively and recommended: Put one double terminated quartz crystal on top of the Target and Trends (2 crystals at all).
Isn't it easy? It is fully automated! Who knows if this is even more simple then making good espresso!
There is not required any fancy rituals or so, usage is simple and effortless!
Even if you goal is great attraction – with this light Virtual RADX you can print it on your T-Shirt (its costs less then $10 in print house) and go just anywhere – BAM! People will draw to you and feel at unconscious level bright energy emanating from you. For sure as feedback you will feel much more better about yourself, more confident and it’s all effortlessly if you have it printed on T-Shirt. The VirtualRADX and Psionis3000VX are the devices which can be printed on T-Shirts and there is guarantee that you will not be chi-overloaded with too much power. If you could print VirtualGodCaster itself – it gonna be instant chi-overload. However these two virtual devices such as VirtualRADX and VirtualPsionis3000VX can be printed without any limitations – in case it is still too much powerful for you – just print one more copy on your home’s printer – it will divided energy on these two (printed) copies – so your copy on T-Shirt will has 50% of power. If it is still too much power, just print one copy more and so on.

The VirtualRADX is afforable and can show you how much powerful the Virtual Psionics is. There is simple ritual when you would like to run a trend or start manifesting your wish. Cool thing about VirtualRADX is that if you love fitness, exercises or martial arts – it can be optimized for this kind of activities. But it is not only limited to these goals. It can be your passion or desire to attract more women, or having this charismatic personality that makes everyone attracted by pleasant energy. Maybe you would like to have 24/7 wealth and boost finances support. Indeed each VirtualPsionics device can be optimized for something you want at the most as well it can be in general mode too.

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