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This is MP3’s package is made with Silent Bliss Nature Tree with all Yahweh Engines currently available at website only without YHWH I need Get Laid Spell. It greatly supports connection with our ultimate God – as well provide general life’s improvement (from health, business, protection and few other useful things).

The energy output is pretty subtle and this is similar to an energy field which you can sense near old nature tree.

(About Yahweh Energies: Yahweh sigils are let’s say up to Yahweh energy itself, cool this is that Yahweh is most powerful Being (Highest Energy) in entire Universe, and these Energies are changed their energy output dynamically exactly as Yahweh wants, also main assumption of them is: “I completely put my self in your hands: Yahweh as long as I want it and as long as I like it” (so there is no break of free-will or so), so I trust God and know he want the best for me and all people. While being satisfy in life – like for many people seems to be seen as in black/white, “I will be satisy and you don’t, I will be high and you don’t” and so on mentality of dualism, as Yahweh is infinite Justice the idea is to help him and US to creating better world, so the output is DYNAMIC and most unexpected, by breaking all rules of dualism, and conventional thinking (all of Yahweh sigils have build-in 10% of telepathic heart connection to Him for a better guidance in our life).

There are three versions:

– 15Hz
– Ambient
– Vivaldi Winter classical music

The following Audio spells are included(17 at total):

Health Heart YVWH
Wisdom YVWH Version 1 (similar to TAOism)
Wisdom YVWH Version 2 (similar to Buddhism)
Yahwee Business success
Yahweh Brain and Digestive
Yahweh Dei Wealth Attraction
Yahweh Health
Yahweh Immortality
Yahweh Love Attraction & Happiness
Yahweh Grand Manifestation
Yahweh Orgasmic Healing
Yahweh Protection
Yahweh Awake Psi
Yahweh Sex Satisfaction
Yahweh Ultimate Tribute
Detailed descriptions of energies you may find here: https://seductionmagicflow.com/all-available-energies/

Please use it wisely and only on your own responsibility.

For making it works take any mp3 (good if you can find desired power/strength “x” that fit to your energetic abilities) and loop it – for 30-90 minutes per day. However there is not limit – if you want to listen more – it’s also okay. Ideally if you can continue using it for 14-30 days.

Each file works as audio talisman as mp3 for listening via headphones, earphones, speakers.

Files are copyrighted and works for you and your blood-relatives.